The Tariq & Asma Farid Foundation works to ensure better lives for the greatest number of people. We know that having a real connection or access to the experiences of the people we seek to help is important to our decisions, and our impact.

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Salma Khatoon Hospital

Directed by Salma Khatoon Farid and inspired by the family, our objective is to serve the community we live in. ALLAH (SWT) has favored us with countless blessings.
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We are always looking to support organizations that can help us advance our mission. We are open to new ideas and we invite you to submit yours through our application form. Before submitting your idea, we suggest you read about our grants process and familiarize yourself with our areas of interest. As much as possible we try to support local charities and organizations.
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We support non-profit organizations with IRS 501(c) (3) status. In general, we prefer to fund specific programs, but we will consider requests for capital projects.